Where smart lives.

Resetting the way the world builds through technology.

smart lives

Using outdated build methods isn’t smart. 


At Marchmont, we don’t do things because they’ve always been done, we ask the tough questions, we challenge what’s normal and push what’s possible. All our properties are built unlike any other around the world, to give you an unparalleled living experience.


At Marchmont we build smart. 

So that you can live smart.


Our Story

Marchmont was launched to digitally reset the real-estate industry

And pioneer smart, net-zero, sustainable living

Based on over 30 years of global real estate experience

Our team have built on multiple continents, in some of the toughest conditions on earth

Frustrated with the wasteful way the world builds

We spent millions of dollars pioneering an innovative construction method 

One that embraces technology

It’s an end-to-end digital construction and real estate Management solution

For anywhere in the world 

It’s changed the way we design, build, buy, live-in and interact with our properties 

We use leading design techniques and technologies to create intelligent building

Blockchain technology safely, and securely manages the build of your structure

Ensuring things happen on-time, on-budget and most importantly to code

A virtual assistant will continue to be with you whilst you live in your property

Giving you fingertip access to the advanced human-focused technology

With just one command you can facilitate repairs and adjust your property

And when it’s time to grow or downsize, there’s no need to move

Your house can adapt to suit your lifestyle, with minimal waste and inconvenience

All of this comes without compromise to style, economy and comfort


Why build & live smart?

Smart is connected

Marchmont has pioneered an end-to-end digital real estate solution, so you can control the design, build, finance and upkeep of your development through our easy-to-use digital platform. Once you move in, your Marchmont development will be connected to our virtual assistant, so you are in complete control of your home. 


Smart is sustainable

Refrigeration is the single biggest contributor to global emissions. People’s homes are responsible for a large part of that. But Marchmont’s state-of-the-art cavity-climate-control drastically reduces the necessary refrigeration energy and wastage from your home. 


And this is just the tip of the iceberg; our buildings are kitted with sensory technology, and designed to generate their own water and energy supplies, with power and storage management. They have wastewater treatment that recycles for irrigation, waste treatment systems and electric and hydrogen car charging ports built in.

Smart is flexible

Our unique build method is smart component assembly and allows our developments to be installed in days and completed within weeks (turn key). Plus, owners can get smart components to connect and disconnect to match their stage of live needs / requirements. throughout the life of their development, depending on their changing needs. It’s easy, efficient and has near zero waste.

Smart is safe

We’ve built developments on four continents - in some of the world’s toughest climates - for individuals, communities and governments. Which is why you can trust that our buildings are enduring, and without compromise. We use a laser cut steel structure and robotic assembly to ensure perfection every time.


Smart is healthy.

Manage and maintain a healthy indoor air quality and ensure that your water is only ever at the highest quality. 


Smart is luxurious.

At Marchmont we only use the best Architectural features and most intelligent technologies, to ensure that your home is everything you ever dreamed of. 


Smart works with the best

Established industry experience and a global infrastructure ensure Marchmont only work with the best; it gives us complete confidence in guaranteeing the quality of our builds and finishes every time. 


Smart invests in the future

As part of our commitment to our customers and the global community, we’ve partnered with educational institutes and governments around the world to pioneer new build technology and help the construction industry further reduce emissions and wastage.

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Our Process

There are five key stages to living smarter

Stage 1  

Purchase your land, or work with us
to help you find the dream plot.


Stage 2

Work with our world-class architects to:

– Upgrade your land to Smart Land.

– Agree on the size of your build - based on life stage affordability.

– Select your Marchmont Smart Package - this will define the smart features included within your home.

– Select Your Luxury Package -  this will define all of the luxurious additions to your home.

– Our architects will work with you to design the layout of your dream home and build an exact 3D replica model - this will let you see everything in its place. 

– You’ll be given the price of your Marchmont smart home.

Stage 3

Your 3D building assembly will be loaded
onto our blockchain, digital platform:

– The 4D replication process will ensure your home design is guaranteed.

– Your bespoke design will be submitted to achieve all of the necessary authority approvals.


Stage 4

Once all approvals have been achieved:

– Your components will be assembled and delivered to site.

– The installation of your home will take days to complete.

– Your home will be ready to occupy in a further 30 to 60 days.

Stage 5

Move into your dream Marchmont Smart Home:

– 10 year warranty from an AAA international insurer.

– Virtual assistant helps you manage and maintain your home.

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Our Smart Packages

With every Marchmont development, first you need to pick your Smart Package. Our award-winning architects will then work with you to integrate these incredible features seamlessly into your dream design


Marchmont Smart (S)

This is our smart package and comes with all of our properties.


Marchmont Extra Smart (XS)

This is our extra smart package and can be added to any of our designs.


Marchmont Smart Luxury (SL) 

This is our smart luxury package and is the premium Marchmont home. 

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Our Home Designs

The Marchmont Smart Design Process

Once you’ve chosen your smart and luxury packages, our award-winning architects will help you design your dream home. 


They’ll build a 3D digital replica so you can see exactly where everything will be in your smart home.


Our Team

John Wooster


John has over 40 years experience in the building industry, he’s built properties for governments, businesses and individuals on four continents and in some of the world’s most challenging conditions. He founded Marchmont with the idea of making home owning an easier and more enjoyable prospect for all.

Thomas Gebler


Thomas is a mechanical engineer by profession, but has spent the last 20 years at the forefront of the innovative technology sector. Most recently he’s been working with integrated building management systems (with AI support). He’s driven by a passion to provide net-zero, sustainable living for communities across the globe and to ensure his children grow up in a healthy, green environment. 

Kim Dauthel


Kim is a pioneer in the technology sector, his work is utilizing Blockchain to create a better future for all. 

Adnan Al Khamis 
Business Development Director 

A highly experienced business development executive, Adan coordinates Marchmont’s relationships with leading industry leaders, consultants & contractors.

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